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Founded in 2002, MediCapture is the leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced digital video recorders for the international medical industry. Most recently, the company developed and launched a new series of products that feature new 4K Ultra HD technology, full patient workflow networking capabilities and convenient, built-in touch screens, elevating and improving the recording and capture of medical procedures and surgeries.


The new advanced medical-device products were all similar, but the features were nuanced to meet the specific needs and desires of hospitals, surgery centers and medical offices. 


While the marketing team was close to product rollout, the naming conventions, the nuanced product descriptions and claims had not been fully established. ​


  • M. NICHOLS Communications led a branding exercise to establish the company’s "personality" and "voice,” then took a close look at specific product features and benefits for the development of Message Guidelines, a document from which all marketing and communications materials flow.

  • The Message Guidelines were developed for each new product to encourage strong, consistent messaging across all marketing tactics used throughout the company.

  • The Message Guidelines include strong benefits and cases for each feature.

  • Proper naming convention was confirmed and included as part of the Guidelines.

  • The Message Guidelines serve as the foundational tool for all product branding and marketing materials.

  • The Message Guidelines also serve as Talking Points for the sales team.

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